WordPress or blogger for making money

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WordPress or blogger for making money

A question that comes up on internet marketing forums on a regular basis is which blogging platform is the best WordPress or blogger for making money!

There are as many opinions as there are people blogging and unfortunately, many of the people who give advice don’t have a clue what they are talking about!

The reasons many of them give just don’t matter when it comes to making money!

I give advice to other marketers based on the results that I have achieved with my business from using both of these tools!

And it’s not quite as easy as it seems to advise people for the following reasons:

WordPress is a far more flexible application and there are many excellent plugins that can assist in various areas to help make more money!

The fact that there are so many options with WordPress is also the problem for people who are just starting out!

I get emails from people week’s later saying that they are still setting up ‘such and such’ plugin on their WordPress blog!

Plugins are not hard to use UNLESS you are a complete newbie, in which case they can suck up a lot of the time that you could be using to make money!

I have built massive lists using Blogger and continue to do so simply because it is so simple and it works!

These lists generate many thousands of dollars so to assume that Blogger isn’t a serious business tool is just foolish!

The advice that I give most people when they are starting is to use the one that they are most likely to get online and make money the fastest!

For the beginner that is usually Blogger!

We have to realize that someone who has just started working online might not even know!

Who to use cPanel so setting up their WordPress blog could be too time-consuming for their progress until they can learn more!

One is not better than the other!

They are both different and they both have their use in making money online!

WordPress vs Blogger 

If you want to start a blog then you need a content management tool!

That we call CMS and in this list, there are two popular platforms that have WordPress or blogger for making money!

● Blogger

● WordPress 

What is a Blogger?

WordPress or blogger for making money
What is Blogger?

Blogger ​is a Google own content management platform which was started back in the year 2003!

If you are willing to start a blog with Blogger then what you need is just an email id and rest will be given free by Google!

But it has some advantages and disadvantages, so let me drop all of them one by one!

The advantages of Blogger CMS

● Blogger security is in control of Google which means you won’t worry about website hacking!

● You will get Free unlimited hosting to handle millions of traffic every day!

● You will get a free sub-domain with extension ended by “.blogspot.com”!

● Inbuilt analytics to track daily visitors and much more!

Disadvantages of Blogger CMS

● Blogger is owned by Google, which means you are not the owner of the blog!

● You have to follow Google guidelines, if not then your blog will be deleted immediately!

● You will have no option to add additional plugins with Blogger to scale or automate your blog!

● Blogger has limitations in terms of use and customization!

If you have the vision to turn your blog into a million-dollar business then probably this free platform would not be the best choice to start your blog!

Then the second-best choice would be WordPress, so what is WordPress and how to start a blog with WordPress will be the focus of this guide!

What is WordPress?

WordPress or blogger for making money
What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular free content management tool, started back in the year 2003!

As per the stats, more than 60% of bloggers are using WordPress to manage their blogs and it is well known as a self-hosted blogging platform! 

This means you are the owner of the blog and you can scale this as you want using the additional services available in the market!

WordPress is a free CMS owned by a non-profit organization WordPress foundation and they offer two most popular platforms!

● WordPress.com  

● WordPress.org 

But we are focused around ​WordPress.org​ as WordPress.com is similar to a blogger with limited freedom under the free plan!

And you need to pay extra to use the pro features!

WordPress.org will be like your own house, where you can manage your blog by investing just a few bucks ideally $50/year!

If you are keen to learn the differences between ​Blogger.com vs WordPress.org​, then I recommend exploring the detailed guide! 

Let me highlight the long list of advantages and disadvantages of WordPress!

The advantages of WordPress

● WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform and you will be the owner of the blog! 

● You will have full freedom to use the best plugins to automate your blogging process!

● In WordPress, you have an option to customize your theme as your requirement! 

● WordPress has millions of communities and videos on a public platform to solve your problem!

● WordPress is free to use and you won’t need to pay any charges! 

Disadvantages of WordPress 

● WordPress is a self-hosted platform, which means you have to buy web hosting!

● You will have to buy a domain name and you won’t get any free domain like a blogger!

● The security and performance of WordPress should be managed by you!

Well, it seems WordPress also has disadvantages but the reality is everything is easy to manage with just $50/year investment or maybe max $100/year!

You can manage security, backup, and performance using free plugins and you are good to go!

So no worries, the later guide will give you all the list of plugins that will manage everything you want for free!

I love WordPress and almost every blogger willing to use the same, what about you? 

If you make up your mind to start a blog with ​WordPress ​then this guide is to master you in the art of Blogging!

Now you have to choose which platform you would like to start? 

Start with ​WordPress ​as it is ruling the market and the most favored choice!

And here’s a bonus tip:​​ According to ​W3Techs​ close to 62% of the CMS (Blogs) are using WordPress which is 35% of the total website or internet market shares!

That’s it!

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